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7 Best and Worst Home Renovations is 2016

As it turns out, renovations aren’t always the answer.
Posted by Brianna Corey on February 13, 2016 in  Buying a Home  Home Decor  Kids  Selling Your Home
7 Best and Worst Home Renovations in 2016 As it turns out, renovations aren’t always the answer. LINDSAY LISTANSKI Guest Post by Andrea Davis A renovation project should not only add immediate value to your home, but also ensure that your return on investment (ROI) is attainable (should you decide to eventually sell). If you’re looking for a high-impact project to tackle this year, be sure to check the 2016 Cost vs. Value Report before breaking ground. To ensure that your shoo-in project w... read more
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Is a Smart Home Smart for the Elderly?

Posted by Kelsey Fulton on January 15, 2016 in  Buying a Home  Community  News  Selling Your Home
Can a Smart Home Help Make Life at Home Easier for the Elderly? Smart home tech is more than just about slick features as it can help give peace of mind to senior citizens. DAVID MARINE The following is a guest post from Anna Visioli with Coldwell Banker Real Estate. For many of us, smart home technology makes our lives easier, provides additional security, or simply makes everyday activities more enjoyable. However, for the elderly and disabled, smart home gadgets can provide independence, peace-of-mind for fa... read more
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The Ultimate Homeowners Guide to Understanding Your Heating and Cooling System From The Home Depot and Coldwell Banker LINDSAY LISTANSKI By Fran Donegan Huddling around the fireplace under blankets because the heating system quit during a cold winter night makes for great stories to tell—later. In reality, the situation is uncomfortable, stressful and could even be dangerous. The same holds true if the air conditioning system does not work during a heat wave. We want to help you avoid those situations, s... read more
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Location, Location, Location: Just How Important Is This Phrase? 2015 Home Listing Report ranks the most expensive and affordable markets across the country ATHENA SNOW Ever wonder what your home might be worth if it was located in a different part of the country? Well, you can easily find out now with the latest Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report. The annual report, which was released in November, ranks the average listing price of four-bedroom, two-bathroom homes in more than 2,700 markets across the co... read more
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Winter Window Maintenance

Is condensation cause for concern?
Posted by Kelsey Fulton on January 03, 2016 in  Buying a Home  Home Decor  Selling Your Home
Winter Window Maintenance: Is Condensation Cause for Concern? Andersen Windows shares winter window maintenance tips and how to manage humidity and condensation in your home. VICTORIA KEICHINGER Brought to you by Andersen Windows The weather outside may be frightful, but should you be alarmed about that condensation you see forming around the outside edges of your window glass? That’s a question we hear quite often around this time of year at Andersen. The good news is the condensation doesn&rs... read more
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